Pasta’s fashion comeback

From the famous Chiara Ferragni’s, The Blonde Salad, to the lunch of Irene Colzi of Irene’s Closet, even fashion bloggers are unwilling to forgo the healthy lure of a plate of spaghetti! Yes, because if we have seen pasta on the catwalk, printed on ample skirts and fashion accessories, standing out in photo shoots on a score of fashion blogs, the glamour comeback of pasta is not just a matter of summer 2015 fashion design, but is also the favourite dish of the most famous bloggers.

 Blonde…pasta salad – She is the most famous Italian blogger in the world and her The Blonde Salad is one of the most popular fashion blogs, her name is Chiara Ferragni. Despite the name of her blog, the very blonde Chiara appears to prefer tasty pasta dishes over green salads. This is evident from the various photos appearing on her social channels where she is seen in the company of friends, colleagues and the not-to-be-missed made-in-Italy pasta dish; the latest appeared just a few days ago when a happy face announced on Instagram that it was “pasta time” showing a tempting plate of seafood spaghetti.

The fashion…pasta – Also well-known in the photostream world are those midnight pasta snacks of Martina Mercedes Corradetti of The Fashion coffee, one of the most popular fashion blogs in Italy, who doesn’t give a second thought to posting on her flickr account photos in the company of boiling pans just waiting for a big fistful of spaghetti.

Wholemeal…Neovecchio style – Eleonora della Guardia of Neovecchiostile on the other hand says she prefers wholemeal pasta served with just a few simple ingredients (never more than 3) which she likes best at lunch time. Her motto? Eat everything taking care over the quality.

Rigatoni for Irene – Pasta, sushi and cakes for breakfast. Irene Colzi of the well-known Irene’s closet loves sport, keeping fit and eating well without giving into the allure of restrictive diets which are not very healthy. Amongst the food photos on her social accounts there is room for a great plate of traditional rigatoni with tomato sauce.


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